The Mooring wines are vegan.

Originating from the Cape of Storms, they tell the story of South Africa’s nautical history.

Wine of Origin: Coastal


Sauvignon Blanc 2021


“Women and children first!”

This was the order that rang out on the deck of the HMS Birkenhead as the cold waters of the Southern Ocean rushed into the bowels of the ship below, drowning men where they lay sleeping in their beds. Only hours before, she had struck an uncharted rock lurking just below the surface of the sea.

The Birkenhead had set off from Simonstown in January 1852. She was transporting British soldiers and their families bound for Algoa Bay. With the shores of Gansbaai barely 2 miles away, HMS Birkenhead’s fate was sealed by her unlucky encounter with an underwater reef.

Yet another victim of the treacherous Cape of Storms, she never made The Mooring for which she was destined. It’s said that as captain Robert Salmond rallied his troops on the rapidly sinking vessel, he spotted a ghostly galleon carrying the old Dutch colours riding the waves nearby, her sails billowing despite the calm seas.

The Birkenhead took 450 brave souls with her as she broke in two and sank to the dark depths below, making history by setting the unofficial rule of the sea that’s still recognised today.

Red Cape Blend 2021


Setting out on her second voyage from Durban to Cape Town in 1909, the steamship SS Waratah had been plagued by frightening instability, fire and even reports of a spectral vision haunting a passenger who was so terrified he disembarked early.

Due to arrive in port on the 29th of July, she never emerged from the sea. Did the Waratah succumb to the tumultuous seas of the Cape of Storms? Did the Flying Dutchman claim yet another innocent victim on its endless ocean voyage?

Uncertainty fills her story, but one thing is beyond doubt: SS Waratah didn’t make The Mooring in Cape Town she had set out for.


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